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whaleycoverMy paintings range in size from very small (3″ x 4″) to 30″ x 40″.
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Prices range from $125 – $900 in this series. All work is original. Up to 15% Powell River Dollars accepted.
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Shipping is possible and extra fees apply. Prices in Canadian dollars.PayPal or Debit accepted.


Rabideye Radio: “Sunshine Yellow” Saturdays 10-Noon on CJMP 90.1 FM

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It's like dancing with your vacuum cleaner.

Sunshine Yellow, my new radio program LIVE on Saturday mornings 10 am – noon.
It’s radio on an upward curve. Clean your house, go for a run or stare at the sun (protective eye gear required).

Gardening, Eco-tips and general silliness, included.
Sponsors needed, see here

Structural Psychedelia

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Structure with purpose

As each day goes by, we begin to see how the cards are stacked against us and the rest of the planet. On-going events like the recent oil spill, the financial crisis and other daily reminders that the very few are getting away with so much, just become part of the mental environment.  The shrugging normality of outrageous levels of consumption and waste we still engage in, the thoughtless  squandering of resources and of human potential everywhere makes me think: that’s it. The problem here is beyond changing behavior. The problem is structural, and in the way we think.

Recently, I listened (twice) to an audio file entitled “Evolving Times“, featuring Terrence McKenna. It affirmed a lot of what I have been thinking about on a daily basis, since returning from Montreal. It’s  becoming clearer to me that the dangerous Extinction Game’ we’re playing (whether we acknowledge it as such or not) is cross-cultural, and probably has been part of our evolution as a species for some time. The structural changes we need to make begin in the mind through a heightened awareness, a psychedelic awakening. It doesn’t mean drug-taking, it just means thinking expansively, and not only ‘out of the box’ (as McKenna puts it), but ‘discovering that there is no box‘.

These structural changes need to reflect the awareness that we are all related to each other, and on so many levels. It requires cooperation, it requires strong family and community bonds, and it requires humility and empathy for all living systems. While fighting to bring down unjust laws or to stop environmental damage seems very important, we also do have to realize that there is an over-arching value and belief system that will perpetuate these problems of environmental destruction, mindless consumption, and inequity indefinitely. And when we feel our energies are spent only in putting out endless fires that rekindle themselves in myriad different forms, without being able to find the time to ‘be the change we want to see‘, we have to realize the system is rotten, starting with the foundation; patch-up jobs are not a viable long-term option.

Right now, I’m involved as an interim board member with a Powell River  non-profit we called Skookum Food Provisioners’ Cooperative. We hope this venture will begin to make it possible to get some positive food-related projects happening here, by regular everyday people who are willing to work together to make local food happen. I feel it’s the beginning of something huge that will feed body, mind, and spirit. It’s our contribution to the community, and we hope it will serve as an incubator for the great ideas we all have about how to effectuate real, lasting, positive change.

If you have some time, please have a listen to the audio file I mentioned above; It’s about an hour long, but well worth the trouble. Link to audio: